Sunday, August 25, 2013

Whoa that looks real!

FSX/P3D. Is McPhat a talented group or what? What lies before you here is the official render of the Fokker50 CDU in development by CoolSky and McPhat Studios! Also according to Terrence in a comment left last week, the F-50 VC is in full swing. So we know the exterior is spectacular, and if this shot is any proof of the interior, we are in for 1 heck of an aircraft! So the question is: NAV Aid to NAV Aid, or by FMC, what's your poison?
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jibhi said...

Hi, i found this thread while surfing the web. Looks like its pics from the Fokker 50:)Including early render of the cockpit;))

alehead said...

Renders always look good if done properly...

Need to see it in FSX itself and see its performance to determine whether this is actually going to be any good (ie be usable)

No point in having 1FPS eye candy...


Unknown said...
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3DSmax Max said...

Yeah this does look like a photo shot with a high end digital back like the PhaseOne IQ180. Nice

Avi8or67 said...

I also remember what the Coolsky DC-9 previewshots looked like... Not exactly how it looked in the end.

No offence, but I rather want to see the end result than rendered images.

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