Sunday, August 25, 2013

Johannesburg... Could it be?

FSX. I just learned about this development via iFlySimX and so far I like what I see! ASDG or African Scenery Design Group, recently known for their impressive Mohéli Bandar es Eslam scenery released earlier this month, is setting out to develop an airport that has been highly sought after since the early FS9 days. It's Johannesburg and as I said, so far I like what i see! All the best of luck to this team!

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Unknown said...

Y u not for FS9?! :(

AutoRotationer said...

Yes, all the best of luck :-)

Anonymous said...

Finally Africa will be alive in FS

Sid said...

Oh yes! Bring it on! Have wanted Jo'burg for so long! As you say Kaman, so it begins. Totally with you on African airports and airstrips guys! Good luck to this team indeed! DAndre,Mohéli Bandar es Eslam any good? Can't remember if you looked at it...Have a feeling you did but don't recall for sure now. Tanks for the heads-up on this by thhe way. Hoping they'll do a good job.
Cheers, Sid

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