Thursday, August 15, 2013

T2G TLPC for FS9 released!

FS9. FSX version released. If I haven't mentioned before, this airport also works very well in P3D minus some very minor visual issues with the terrain and autogen. More good news is the airport will be released for FS9 after all! Great news indeed! Here are a couple shots to hold the FS9ners over! Release is imminent! Update: released!

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automized said...

The quality looks a lot worse compared to the fsx version.

Tom said...

Thank you T2G!!!

DAndre Newman said...

The same could be said about many FSX products converted to FS9. It's a whole helleva lot better than default.

Geo said...

Hope MMMX will be released this month

ArtAir said...

Thank you very very much taxi2gate!!! I will buy it defently!!!

Andrew said...

It's not the scenery quality. It's the simulator's limit in orthophoto resolution at 4 meters per pixel.

Going from 4 > 1 meter resolution is 16x the resolution, not just 4 as the number may seem.

Imagine 4 meter as a 256 pixel sheet.

A 2 meter pixel sheet would be 512 pixels (that would mean you could fit 4 256 sheets inside).

A 1 meter pixel sheet would be 1024 pixels (that would mean you could fit 16 256 sheets inside).

That being said, how can one expect the same beauty in FS9 that can be seen in FSX?

If you just said "It looks a lot worse compared to the FSX version", sure... but when you say "The quality" it implies the developer screwed up somewhere.

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