Thursday, August 15, 2013

A-Flight. Whats the deal?

P3D. Yes news has been very stagnant lately. But it's not for a lack for our daily efforts. But till things do pick up, I have been really exploring P3D and many of the addons I missed. One of such addons is Helsinki Vantaa from A-Flight. This scenery is so incredibly superb I realize this developer should already be among the Fly Tampa's, the FSDT's, the Flight Beam's... Respectively of course. So what happened to this developer? What's the deal?? So here is a little tribute: My shots of Vantaa!

 An amazing masterpiece.

The only issue is these floating trees which could be caused by a conflict with FTXGlobal or FSGlobal... or both...

 Amazing night textures!

All I can say, I really hope this developer returns to the FS scene. I cling to a thought that perhaps he is secretly developing something. But if this is the last we see from A-Flight, it will truly be a tremendous loss to this community.

If you don't have this yet, I just gave you 33 reasons why you should.

So here is your link!,6532772690,12241

My next stops are Vagar and back to NA Airstrips for a small review.

Happy Flighting!

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Red dog said...

Is this available for purchase??

DAndre Newman said...

Sorry no. It was never released.

Oh wait! Link added! Enjoy!

AaronGraham said...

I contacted them. They are working on a new sceney.

Sid said...

Looks fantastic! Great shots DAndre. DAndre, any idea what performance is like for tube-liners (NGX, AXE)? I've heard conflicting things.

There's certainly a lot of talent here and I really hope they do more...Perhaps some more big Scandinavian hubs/airports such as Arlanda. Anything they like really...I'm sure they could do well over time as the quality really seems top-notch but only more sceneries would allow them to make a reputation and name for themselves in the flight simulation community. They could easily do so if they try though and the name A-Flight could be up there with Flightbeam, Fly Tampa etc. The potential is most certainly there...but its down to having the courage to make that decision...I sincerely hope they do so and would be happy to support with purchases personally. A-Flight Helsinki is on my list.


Sea Urchin said...

As far as I know, this is a one man project. It sure takes time to build a big airport like Helsinki

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