Thursday, August 15, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Drzewiecki NYC V2!

P3D. Finally! I can exhale! It works! We'll yes folks, this post is way late. As I stated after release, I could not get my heli off the ground before the OOM creeped up and bit me in the ass. We failed to mention that Drzewiecki did release a new V2 version of the scenery yesterday because the second I got it working, the whole family wanted to see it! And yes, it does work. So far, no oom's either! So what's the catch? We'll come along with me! This is my city and it has never looked better in FS! So we are off to the "Big Apple!"

So as I stated: This is my city...

It's the place where is met my wife who is a New Yorker who is also the person who properly introduced me to the city. I had already circumnavigated the globe before taking my first steps on to the island of Manhattan. In fact, the first night I arrived, I was totally lost. I thought to myself, there is no better place in the world to loose yourself. There is always something to discover. And I am very pleased to see many of those things in Drzewiecki's NYC scenery. I found everything! Our apartment, the office building where I used to work on 59th and Park, my favorite hotel: 6 Columbus. It's almost all there minus some newer developments. I have been assured there will be more updates as more towers rise.
Okay so the V2. Yes this one did work for me after all. I use P3D and not FSX so I could not try the DX10 fixes not that they matter now. It's working. And it will work even better in FS9 once it arrives. Or the P3D x64! With the new version, there is an option to install either high-res or low-res textures. I opted in for the low-res as most of us with middrange systems will have to opt for. All shots are raw right out of the sim. No doctoring or re-sizing of any kind. I really wanted you all to get the raw deal.

It's amazing just how all those buildings are so accurate. Even though I went low-res, all buildings that matter are represented in high detail.

So after slewing my butt off, I decided to whip out a whirly bird and test out the frames. 7-13pfps with my settings was the average. I turned off all water effects, and clouds.

Landing is very smooth because of my eyepoint. The more you see the slower it performs.
Those with higher GHz will have a much better time. But even here, I had a good time. Even at low-res, the city feels so real. And that's what matters.

Jeez that is a whole lot of buildings!

Downtown Brooklyn and Jersey City are added as well! Great!

There is just so much to explore here it's amazing. But my full review will wait till the FS9 version is released. I want high-res textures and performance! If I got 13 fps here, FS9 is sure to deliver at least 30 with maxed settings. Yes there are no night textures and that's very understandable. In fact the only way this could have been done better is to do it FlyTampa style. But that is thousands of buildings to model. The team is still working on updates but for now, I can finally say it works and I can enjoy it. So head out and grab your copy! As for me, I heading back in! Next stop? Katz's Delicatessen!! The best place in the world to get a sandwich!

Here is my edited shot in high res.
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Happy Flighting!
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Mike Mosko said...

Looks great! I'm in the city very often (live in Brooklyn), so this looks splendid

Pe11e said...

Detail level is amazing, but... I can't get over that awful dark grey look of the city, looks "lifeless" and unnatural. I mean, 99% of the buildings are dark grey, and certainly that is not the case with the real NY.
Just look at this photo for comparison:

Cessna 172 said...

If I don't use DX10 am I SOL? Flipping to DX10 causes everything to be slightly distorted.

Karlie said...

I would have to agree Pe11e. I am not too excited about this.

Mike Mosko said...

Perhaps the sun might give that impression, but I assure you it looks pretty realistic.

DAndre Newman said...

With the V2 update you do not need DX10. As I said above (if you are reading), these shots are from P3D which does not have a DX10 option. Therefore if you use the low-res option, you will be fine. Please read before asking questions.

Cessna 172 said...

"Okay so the V2. Yes this one did work for me after all. I use P3D and not FSX so I could not try the DX10 fixes not that they matter now. It's working."

Sorry D'Andre, you say nothing about V2 working in FSX without DX10 and your statement was a little confusing to me. I was just looking for clarification.

DAndre Newman said...

There is no difference regardless of using FSX or P3D if you are not using DX10.

The quote there is saying with the update, the previous DX10 methods are not necessary.

So: you do not need DX10. Now it's clear.

sevy_cool said...

Aerosoft New York city bye bye.That would be nice if they could do the same thing for the city of Paris and his 3 airports.`Charles de gaulle, orly, le bourget``.

flyer said...

I see flat areas without autogen around the product everywhere. I prefer a rather complex product that leaves the surroundings intact.

DAndre Newman said...

This may have been due to my own settings but let me check on this.

Ron Attwood said...

Front runner for worst scenery of the year imho

Mark H said...

In that first pic, the animated person doesn't look as life-like those in ORBX scenery..!

Airlifter said...

Looks nice, but a performance of 7-13fps is way to low, considering the aircraft used. Will be even worse when La Guardia is released.
I'd rather wait until the NYC area airports are released and invest in them.

evercllear said...

I prefer to run in DX9 with REX and UT2 traffic. I also use FSDT JFK and imaginesim KLGA.

has anyone tested this with an airbus X a320 at JFK. I think I will wait for more updates to avoid the OOM monster.

automized said...

The scenery itself looks good, there is no denying that, but the meh performance.....well you can't really blame DD cuz any scenery this complex would have this level of performance.

chino said...

I dislike the fact that there are building lights at hight...same with miami...if there were then it would spark my interest and consider purchasing.

Ron Attwood said...

Up close, like 100m away, it looks god awful.

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