Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Metroliner!

FSX/P3D. This bad boy is looking better and better with every new shot they release! It can't be much longer for release now. I'm thinking another month... But till then, you can really see just how well the texturing process is going. Check it out!

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IG said...

I hope they put air in the tires before release!

On a serious note, however, does anyone know what kind (depth) of systems modeling is planned for this?

Flying Squirrel said...

The aircraft looks really amazing. I do find it rather strange that just about every screenshot of this aircraft shows the tires half melting into the tarmac. The previous round of shots also showed this:

I mean if I was the developer, I surely would try and show the aircraft with the wheels sitting properly on the tarmac and not half under ground.

Hope this gets fixed for the next round of screenshots as I find this kind of lack of attention to detail worrying.

alehead said...

It really does seem strange that the developer is happy to release pictures with something as basic as the contact points apparently not correct...
Of course I realise that any such picture is purely work in progress, but that is a bit of a glaring error, no?


Turboproper said...

These screenshots are from the painter and I guess he doesn't have the most up to date package which makes sense since a lot of things on the Metro are still being worked on like systems and sounds. Razbam posted screenshots earlier this month that showed corrected contact points!/photo.php?fbid=498999913519985&set=a.316309961788982.75719.316077818478863&type=1&theater

Todd said...

I hope it has wing flex...... ; b On a serious note, I can't wait.

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