Monday, August 26, 2013

Lee On Solent. Very lovely!

FSX/P3D. Anyone up for a trip down to Hampshire? When this scenery is released i'll definitely be up for the trip. With FTXEngland just sitting on my drive, it's like a blank canvas just dying for some quality historic airfields. More good news is UK2000 is also returning to the VFR scene for England. So all we have to do is bide our time!If we wait, they will come! Check out these shots!
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Sid said...


Ben Cap said...


Dave W said...

I live no more than 5 miles from here - as a boy I grew up next door watching the movements (and the hovercrafts) - I will buy this for that reason alone! (and I promise I will not nitpick!!)

Unknown said...

I've been in that building shown, looking very good, my dad was on the aircraft recovery team at Daedalus so he will be happy to see this,

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