Monday, August 26, 2013

T2G MMMX closing in!

FSX. Here are your latest exclusive shots of Mexico City coming from Taxi2Gate! So far the feedback we have gotten based on every preview has been overwhelming positive! Not only will the airport be rendered in unprecedented detail from this team, but so will the entire city. Fascinating news indeed! Check out the latest!
Updated with higher res images!

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Unknown said...

What about people that bought the last version of mmmX ?

Sid said...

Lovely! Isn't it just fantastic that their modelling the city too? Very exciting :-) If this is done reasonably well and performs ok its a definite must have for me and high on the list just for the fact they're modelling the city, which I'd love to have as much as the airport at least.

Wish more developers would start picking up on the idea of doing the worlds cities and places of interest. Just what the sim is crying out for these days and it certainly seems to be happening more and becoming more popular among many simmers too. Couldn't get enough of more cityscapes and places of interest personally! Good on you T2G!!! Good luck to the team and keep it up. More of this kind of thing please!

Thank you DAndre! May Airdailyx live long and prosper mate!

Unknown said...

awesome cant wait till mco!

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