Sunday, August 18, 2013

F-14 Tomcat-X. The latest.

FSX. Attention Jetheadz! Yes there are many of you in our audience, here are the latest shots of the F-14 Tomcat X in development! I wonder if this baby would pair up well with the Tac-Pac? Hmmmm... Hey any of you using that CaptainSim weapon with these jets? Or is that a product no one is using? Just curious... Here are the latest Tomcat shots which was my favorite jet from my 80's childhood. That thing was in all kinds of movies!
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Naruto-kun said...

I dont think anyone uses the CS weapon pack anymore as it is pretty much junk. ASoft has already stated in their forums (and there are some pictures and videos of this in action) that they are integrating TACPACK.

SeaGoblin said...

its actually gonna have full tacpac yes it will pair

Anonymous said...

Nice!If only AS F-14 comes with the Tacpac so that we can do all the GOOOOOD STUFF up in the air.Even Dino Cattaneo is integrating Tacpack into the F-35 AND at the will be FREEE!!!! So If AS Integrates fully the tacpac on the F-14 to be fully operational from flight simmers plus that it is payware...yes it deserves its WHOLE MONEY! ;) : <3

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