Sunday, August 18, 2013

CLS. What's the deal?

FSX/P3D. Now these guys have been very dormant these days. Their most recent project: The BAE-146 series wasn't even released under their own name. Before that was the MD-80 which was quite some time back. They have been working on a newer V2 variant of their 747 classic series but that started before the MD-80 did. The last we heard from them, they were working on upgraded textures for the "Bizjet" back in June. Last 747 preview was what... May? Hope all is well with the team but... What's the deal?
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Roberto said...

What is happening too with QualityWings ?

Morgan Freeman said...

CLS is crap, v2 gonna be crap.. as everything they made.. lowend sim products

Pan Kasztan said...

CLS is not worth mentioning

Anonymouse said...

Yes, I'm still waiting on the Bae146 that I PAID FOR and that was supposed to be released over a YEAR ago. I'm starting to ponder a small claims action and a complaint to the state attorney general for fraud.

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