Monday, August 19, 2013

Adelade? Hmmm... yes!

FSX. Yes indeed! Orbx and OZx are doing a swell job in covering Aussie airports for the most part. But with FlyTampa entering the market with the upcoming Sydney Kingsford Smith due next year, we are deffo gonna need more NGX capable airports in the region. Here is a very nice looking Adelade airport in production by independent developer AUscene that has been in production since 2011. So far, it's looking really good! The developer says he is on the home stretch for release. Check it out!

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Mike said...

Looks great.

backseat driver said...

Charlie B said...

Looking good - this is the same developer who was originally working with Aerosoft yes?

I often hear many people lamenting the lack of Australian airports ("why no X,Y,Z" etc), but to be honest it's the best represented area for high detailed airports in FSX:

Sydney (coming soon)
Adelaide (coming soon)
Broome Intl
Alice Springs
Port Maquarie
Cairns Intl
Canberra Intl
Brisbane Intl
Melbourne Intl
Harvey Bay
Darwin Intl
Whitsunday Island
Coffs Harbor

All suitable for 737NG and Q400 ops - what a selection!

PGB said...

Suitable means: you can also easily take-off, not just approaching an airport with NG. So Runways >6000ft are appreciated.

But why should i buy an airport which doesn't fit to my whole virtual hangar?

If i purchase just Intl. Airports i don't have to think about which aircraft performance could fit. I don't like such unneccessary constraints. :)

Thats why airports like YPAD and YPPH are badly missed in AU even though GA and domestic airports are very well represented meanwhile.

Dave Boeing said...

Yes YPPH!!! Can't wait for this release. Adelaide is now on my radar! Thanks AU Scene.

Bruce said...

Default FSX cars, enjoy your frames....

True Story said...

AND it's made by the same guy who did CLS Sydney Airport X!

TheRealist said...

Bit silly saying the frames are going to be bad just because there are default cars there? How about you wait until its released, actually buy it and then pass comment, instead of speculatory comment?

TheRealist said...

With help this time from someone at Aerosoft I think? CLS Sydney X might not have been terribly good, but some devs do get better as they learn more. In fact, most all do over time. Give this guy a chance at least. The screenshots do look quite good.

Charlie B said...

I'm with you on that one. Though without consulting my charts to verify, I know that the majority of those ports with the exception of three or four, have 737/A320 ops in real life.

YPPH would be excellent, though the area is pretty FPS heavy as it is. Maybe something for a developer to consider when P3D v2 comes out?

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