Wednesday, August 14, 2013

AES 2.32 released!

FS9/FSX. AES is back baby and with 32 new airports included! I still maintain that AES as such an important tool to our industry deserves more than 1 developer working for it but nonetheless, Oliver has clearly been busy with it. There are no new features with this version but with the list of added airports, should really keep you all busy till the next version arrives! Here is the release note:

Info’s about Version 2.32:

While the last weeks, there was some questions, why several airports of the Airportrequest Thread in
the Aerosoft forum still not supported by AES. So I have now used some time to check the list.
The result in this release is a long list of about 32 new Addons now supported by AES. The airports
are all over the world, but primary Asia get some nice now destinations, also Africa is included with
same airports.

Some freeware Addons are new here, which now can be used for free with AES.
The list is not fully done now, but shorter, next weeks I will have a look to the rest, specially for Addons
of Taxi2Gate, SkySoft and BDOAviation, but also some nice freeware Addons are still open.

In this relation, one whish from me:
If you what to add a Addon to the Airportrequest Thread in the Aerosoft Forum , please first open the
Thread and enter the ICAO Code to the search field at the top of the site and start the search (This

If the Addon is already in the list, please don’t post it again, go to the post in the search result (via the
post ID – click on the number at the right side of the post header) and use the voting system to support
the request.

If the Addon is missing, please use the correct format for your post (see my first post in the thread)
and don’t forget the link to the product page or download site. Without this, I will remove the post.
Some Users will us this thread as info base about existing Addons, so keep the thread clean of any
comments or discussions.

One note regarding KJFK of FSDT: FSDT has some jetways, which are not animated by the FSX
Jetway feature, fixed included into there Building models, so that AES could not remove and replace
them. That results in the situation, that some jetways are not animated at some gates.

At the next page, you find the list of all new Airports, have fun to check out the new destinations. . New

Airports of AES 2.32:

ICAO Airport Credits* FS9 FSX
CYLW OryxSim Kelowna X 1.1 0 - NEW
DAAG FlightSimAlgerie Houari Boumediene-Algiers (Freeware) 0 NEW NEW
DTTA AfricaSim Tunis Carthage (Freeware) 0 NEW NEW
EDAH Captain Seven Hennigsdorf 2013 (Freeware) 0 NEW -
EDXW Aerosoft German Airfields 1 Westerland/Sylt 0 NEW
EGCN UK2000 Doncaster xtreme 1 NEW NEW
EGNM UK2000 Leeds-Bradford xtreme 1 NEW NEW
EPMO Aerosoft/Drzewiecki Warsaw City 2013 1 NEW NEW
HKJK OrientalSim Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta 2 NEW NEW
KJFK FSDreamTeam John f. Kennedy V2.x 5(2) - NEW
LATI TropicalSim Tirana Intl 0 NEW NEW
LFML JetStream Design Marseille X 2013 2 NEW
LGKJ Aerosoft/FSDG Kastellorizo X 0 NEW NEW
LPGR TropicalSim Garciosa-Azores 3 0 NEW NEW
LPHR TropicalSim Horta-Azores 3 0 NEW NEW
LPLA TropicalSim Lajes-Azores 3 1 NEW NEW
MDPC Tropical Sim Punta Cana Dom Rep V2 1 NEW NEW
SBGR Tropical Sim Guarulhos Sao Paulo 2013 2(0) NEW NEW
TIST TropicalSim St Thomas Virgin Islands 1 NEW NEW
TLPL TropicalSim Hewanorra-St. Lucia 1 NEW NEW
TNCB Tropical Sim Flamingo - Bonaire Is. 0 NEW NEW
TTPP LatinVFR Crown Point Tobago 1 NEW NEW
TXKF LatinVFR Bermuda 1 NEW NEW
VABB Thai Creation Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl-Mumbai 2 NEW NEW
VDSR Thai Creation Siem Reap 1 NEW -
VNKT Thai Creation Kathmandu Intl. 1 NEW NEW
VQPR ThaiCreation Paro Bhutan 0 NEW NEW
VTCC Thaiflight Chiang Mai Intl (Freeware) 0 - NEW
VTSM A_A Samui Intl 1 - NEW
VVNB Thai Creation Hanoi Noi Bai Intl 1 NEW -
VVTS Thai Creation Ho Chi Minh City 1 NEW -
ZSAM PIS Xiamen Gaoqi Intl 2 - NEW
* (?)Credits needed, if the older Version is already active!0,6531392210,D10333
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Cessna 172 said...

I'm not sure why anyone would buy this with GSX available. Why pay to unlock airports when GSX is available at every airport including the defaults?

I do like AES's push/pull' a little more realistic.

Airlifter said...

Agree with the fact it's quite ridiculous that only a single developer is supporting this addon. This is probably also the reason why essentially there has been no improvements or added functionality for years now.
I'm still waiting and hoping for the (long time ago) promised version 3 which should incorporate features like maindeck highloaders for freighters, user customizable choice between belt- and container loaders, fueling, etc.
To be honest, I'm more or less losing faith it will ever see the light of day.
The release of GEX gave me new hope that Oliver would take up the challenge and would innovate with AES to maintain the lead over GEX, but unfortunately that hasn't happened...

deetee said...

A pay-per-airport model is never going to do well when there's a competitor who gives you the whole world including default airports. When AES started out there was no competition but now things have changed. Aerosoft should now follow suite and open AES in the same manner. Adapt or die.

Jim Morvay said...

It's a novel idea to have something like AES, but as Cessna 172 commented, why pay for this when GSX does virtually the same thing? I once tried out AES in the beginning and while it was "new and cool", I couldn't justify the payment for "points" to incorporate into a given airport. Why not just work on it for everything and release it as a mega package with one price for functionality across the board? Just my two cents.

DAndre Newman said...

What GEX doesn't do is jetbridge operation. And that's why it's a deal breaker for many. I have tried GSX in P3D (AES doesn't work in P3D) and it's actually a very nice product. I realli liked it. But the jetbridges is a very big deal.

The jetbridges didn't even work at their own PHNL airport which is the one I tested on the MilViz 732.

xavierp said...


You just made me puke there....

Didn't know AES didn't work in prepar3D....

Was getting ready to install....

Even if adding the lines in xml files?


DAndre Newman said...

My understanding is it uses the Vistamare which doesn't work with P3D. But i'll tell you what, i'll install it into P3D tonight to see if it will work. Why don't you try it as well.

Brad said...

Jet Bridges are what is holding me back from GSX sadly! Its the final hurdle that i doubt will ever be beaten...and i mean jet bridge docking at payware airports across the board. I refuse to put anymore money into AES...i cant justify putting money into a project that hasn't had any notable updates in its job for ages! It needs to be smoother, it needs far improved textures and audio reworking i think....AES isnt a bad product but how on earth credits can be charged at the price they not on it!

Frank van der Werff said...

Although I never heard or saw any confirmation, my distinct impression is that it's basically Oliver Pabst' stubourness preventing additional developers capacity being added. Oliver holds the rights to AES and he's protecting it to its death I fear... He should start to realize he can not do all of this on his own.
I do respect the fact that moving jetways requires modification to each airport, thus for each supported addon work has to be done and someone has to pay for it (us, the customers). But this does not mean Oliver can continu just using the 6 year old design AES is today.
Just wish he would be more open on what his plans are and what time schedule we're looking at.
If the future looks bright, I'll continue to support him by buying credits. But if it stays like this with only added airports, no more creditpacks for me.... I'll use my existing credits for frequent visited airports and GEX for all other airports.

Cessna 172 said...

What irritates me the most about AES is the nose wheel of the aircraft does not turn during push backs. It seems silly but it bothers me for some reason.

Aibusfan said...


Airdailyx supported the development of Orientalsim, haven't you?

It still does not have AES. Do you know wether the author made the jetways in a way that they can be omitted and AES used instead, i.e. AES compatible?

DAndre Newman said...

You will have to ask Dom on that one. I never used any of their sceneries. They fall below my threshold.

Live Wure said...


Airbusfan said...

So, Dom...

Do you know whether Orientalsim's Tunis X is compatible with AES?


Nothing to see here said...

Most payware airports' jetways only work with AES. And AES has better jetway animations.

xavierp said...

Dandré, my test with prepar3D were not successfull... unfortunatly.
I really hope that the developper Olivier takes a look at P3D...especially with version 2.0 of P3D to be released this year ( interview of P3D project manager) and to be less CPU bound.

DAndre Newman said...

Yeah man I think it's the vistamare thing. I can say we are in direct contact with the LM P3D developers now and I will ask them about it. All I can say right now.

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