Wednesday, August 14, 2013

CT182T and SR22 GTSx service pack!

FSX/P3D. Carenado has released two cumulative service packs of CT182T G1000 FSX/P3D and SR22 GTSx Turbo. 3D knob technology were added to both aircraft plus an improvement in performance of G1000. This update is highly recommended for all existing CT182T and SR22 II customers. Update yours today! Hopefully the SR22 will finally have those frames issues worked out!
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Flying Squirrel said...

After Carenado updated the TBM 850 I had another go yesterday flying from Elstree (EGTR) to Courchevel (LFLJ). I had been flying this route with Flight1's King Air B200 which also has a G1000 based cockpit.

All I can say is that the feel of the Flight1 B200 G1000 cockpit is like night and day when compared to Carenado's TBM 850 G1000. Carenado's G1000 feels plasticy and doesn't succeed in creating the atmosphere of being there.

So I've decided to give all future Carenado G1000 releases a miss, even if they update a few buttons etc., as they just don't succeed in creating a pleasant in-cockpit experience. Visually their aircraft are stunning, system and in-cockpit atmosphere wise a total failure.

fsxguru said...

I don't like the fact they rush releases. Sometimes in a way that really hurt the user's experience. Why somebody has to pay 23$ for an aircraft to find out it has a badly sounding engine loop sound? That's a big no-no. I understand their attitude is quantity vs quality but there's a limit to what can be sacrificed in order to release something faster.

I think customers might appreciate Carenado/Alabeo more if they slightly stopped rushing and actually work on the systems to be as good, or at least nearly as good as the visuals. The visuals are stunning, no doubt about that, these guys are the best in the business when it comes to that!

Mark H said...

I must agree that the full-power sound loop on Alabeo's Tomahawk is disappointing. It is either down to no testing or no caring! (But we're now only allowed to send happy thoughts to developers, aren't we?)

cloudswimmer said...

Yes correct only happy thoughts, and if you can manage to fedex em some flowers I'm sure they'd appreciate that too. Woot! 8D

BTW am I the only one noticing their Flight1 G1000 fonts are messed up after installing the latest versions of Carenado's G1000?

Chris Strobel said...

I just dropped the sound folder from the Carenado 152 into the Tomahawk. Same engines Lycoming O-235-L2C, better sounds.

Pirx said...

Both Alabeo and Carenado seem to be in a curious dilemma: the top quality of their graphics are forcing them to the need of reaching a similar level on systems, if not, many customers that look for the best are disappointing. It's a question of making a great product in global, and it's a challenge that they might face.

About Alabeo, I bought their Tomahawk. I have flown very little yet. I'm sure the issue with the sound reported here will be fixed soon.

It's time Carenado make a real winner airplane, so they can say "here we are, we have listened you, and we bring you the very best". It doesn't matter if it is only a plane, just to show they can make it.

Jens said...

Where can I get the Cumulative Service Pack 20130813 for the CT182T???

DAndre Newman said...

From your account where you purchased it from.

Jens said...

Downloaded that already, but I thought there is an incremental update available. 'Cumulative Service Pack' does not sound like 'Complete Installer' for me, sorry.

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