Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Voie Bleue Charleroi : a few exclusives!

FSX. Here are four exclusives screenshots from Voie Bleue Charleroi EBCI. The scenery is still in alpha stage. These exclusives are reflecting a work in progress.

More informations on this project :


Niko Bellic said...

I'm a bit confused. Will this become a payware product, or a freeware product?

Mason Dominique said...

Definitely a payware from what Manuel said. For two simple reasons : he is working on this project for months, each week end and because he had to pay for imagery resource.
Now what ? Well it's just up to us, simmers, to help him.. or not.

Manuel said...

Thank you Dom
Yes Niko, Pay or not for my job is not a problem, a lot of other people work very well for free also ...
If this scenery are release it for pay that's because the national geographique from my country, ask some money on each download ... Author right, for use 8 km² satellite imagerie
But I promise release it, for a low money ...

Xavierp said...

Manuel... Stop working v for 2 minutes and send me my latest beta build grrrrr..... Or bring it to me....

jencas said...

Just for info:
PRE RELEASE SALE - EBCI Charleroi X - Prologue

Already ordered my copy this morning!

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