Friday, April 12, 2013

World of AI lives on!

FS9/FSX. World-of-Ai had the community a bit disappointed when they announced they were shutting down operations a few months back. Today however, we are quite happy to discover that they have not only revamped their website, bu they are also in the process of getting all the packages linked back on the site. Good news indeed!

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Anonymous said...

The future is flying online.... Who still fly using UT2 etc....thts so boring ! Common people !

Anonymous said...

Um...people who like flying with real-world schedules and respective aircraft around them. MP doesn't usually have that, in fact you often get stuck with people that have no interest whatsoever in flying properly. The future of flying is not solely online flying for many reasons, above are the ones that stick out to me the most.

What's it matter to you though? You're not going to use it. Why insult other people/developers/simmers for flying/developing how they want to? What do you care? It doesn't affect you.

BTW, I don't know if you are trying to belittle the community at large with the phrase 'common people' or if you just don't know how to spell, an you meant "C'mon people!" Honestly...

Anonymous said...

I do love World of Ai and as I only fly offline, they are an easy and free way to populate my airports! And I don't think it's boring at all...and there are a lot of people flying this way!

So I greatly appreciate their work, good news! :)

Anonymous said...

Exactly! real ATC & procedures, VFR or IFR, & real people flying among you! You never feel alone on Vatsim or Ivao:))
Glad that WOAI is still alive since i use them:)

Immanuel said...

Flying online is nothing for me. I have very less time and don`t wanne be dependent on controllers who have staffed a particular airport or not. I live in Europe but nearly never flying in Europe so when I should fly online? At night?

WOAI is the very best AI-traffic in my opinion. Free, easy to enhance and even great on frames.

Long live WOAI :-)

Anonymous said...

Long live WOAI! I have a great respect for a group of developers that made a great contribution to the FS Community!

Anonymous said...

Lool. I understnd now why many expeienced simmers stopped posting over the pmdg forum

Samuel Arnold said...

I make a lot of my own AI traffic, but it takes a looong time!
I'm glad we have such good quality as WoAI.
Thanks for sticking around!

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