Friday, April 12, 2013

New update from Bruxelles Charleroi!

FSX. Manuel is still making efforts to progress on his Charleroi EBCI airport, a growing low cost base near Belgian capitale. New shots.


This last one is from the previous update.

As per requested, we are still not publishing Manuel's blog until authorized.




Anonymous said...

I love his work (and that's why I know his blog 8P)

Manuel said...

Hello anonymous ...
For moment I'm not write my blog adresse just because I'm not have a lot of time for answers or manage discussion about this add-on.
Also, because for this project I'm not have again all autorisations,( airport manager, satellite image compagnie... ) then for this moment that's just a project, not again confirm at this date!
When I have possibility confirm this work for release, you have, via Airdaily, all information ...
Maybe, for may ... I think yes ... I just begin ask autorisation this week and take tried a contact with EBCI office !
If I'm not have a problem with all administrative step, I think this airport are ready for july ! In another way ... end of the year <:/
Thank you for follow and sorry for the bad English.

Manuel, EBCI development.

Joshua said...

I've been working at EBCI airport. If you need any help, you're welcome Manuel.

Very nice project !

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