Friday, April 12, 2013

Majestic Dash 8-Q400 - Major News!!!

FSX. Majestic Software has released a comprehensive status update regarding their upcoming Dash 8-Q400 project! The developer has confirmed that the project has entered "FINAL BETA". Further, release could be within a month... Some more details regarding the different release versions and pricing as well. Read the entire status update inside...

The status update as posted on the developers Facebook page:

we are now entering our FINAL BETA stage, meaning that the first Release Candidate has been issued and is actively tested by our test team. We expect there will be some more Release Candidates, so hard to make any predictions about the exact release date. We hope that it will occur within a month, but sill cannot be sure about that.

As you know, the PILOT version will roll ...out first. The PRO and TRAINING versions are expected much later, maybe several months away. We don't know yet whether both PRO and TRAINING will be released at the same time or not. Probably not.
The product will be sold through three distributors, whose names will be announced later. While the prices are fixed (PILOT: 49.95€, PRO: 74.95€, TRAINING: 149.95€), the actual retail price will depend on each distributor's policy and can vary slightly from one to another. Cross-version upgrades will be possible but their modalities will be fixed by distributors, so we don't know how much they will make you pay for an upgrade - maybe just the versions' price difference.

Now few words about the project's actual state. We have ironed out all major bugs and are now in process of correction of the rest. We don't aim 0 bugs at release, as it seems impossible, but we are pretty sure that only experienced Q400 pilots will be able to detect some of them. Moreover, there are several versions of EFIS and FMS on the Q400 and we stucked with one which can be different from what you may find on your aircraft or on photos. In any case, we will issue one or more patches if problems are detected after release.
We received the latest Navigraph database yesterday and integrated it into our product. Many procedures have changed, in particular the approach to CYUL from our tutorial flight - so we have to modify our tutorial - and it takes time, like everything else.
We added two new liveries to our collection : Air Baltic and EuroLOT, the number of stock liveries is now 19. Please don't ask us to make any other.
The website is almost ready. In addition to the product description, list of features and repaints, it will contain also many resources like docs, tutorials, custom scripts etc.

Follow progress on the developers Facebook page - click here


Martin said...

I absolutely look

Martin said...

No need for tutorial. I remember very well how to fly the Dash from the previous release ;)

Anonymous said...

1 months of more waiting arghhh I want it now!

Anonymous said...


That may be so for the most part, but you will find that this beast handles have to stay on top of her (no pun intended).

Mason Dominique said...

Maybe they might already tell us how they are going to sell it ??


Anonymous said...

I need to see the upgrade pricing structure. I am on the fence right now, but I am highly likely going to wait until the PRO version comes out...


Anonymous said...

CC is ready. cant wait.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the pro

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