Friday, February 22, 2013

Speaks for itself...

Get your Pacers! Get them while their hot!

Special features include 4 versions of airframes; Tri-Pacer, Tail Dragger, Float version, and modified bush plane with Tundra tires and carbon fiber panel. Tons of paint schemes that range from shiny and prestine to muddy, scuffed up and bug-splatted. This is a massive package and now, only $17.50.

Sale is over Sunday night.

For new Pacer owners, read your manuals! Read read read them! The windshield can be clicked on for 3 versions of visibility. Lots of neat animations and things including cargo for the backseat, removeable wheel skirts, and many more features.

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Fabo said...

Got the link wrong, missing leading h, DAndre.

DAndre Newman said...

Thank you Fabio! Fixing it now.

DAndre Newman said...


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