Friday, February 22, 2013

More Bell 407 Previews...Looking Fantastic

FSX. Milviz has released some very promising shots of its upcoming Bell 407 - specifically, some cabin and virtual cockpit night renders! The sheer number of projects these guys have on the go right now has become a somewhat hot topic these days... Nevertheless, this one is looking great and progressing well! Check out more previews inside.

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Anonymous said...

Beside the "old" Dodosim Jetranger there is no further usable helicopter addon available for customers. So these textures are not really interesting when this helo´s quality is the same level than nemeth or all the others. The question for me is, do we have to expect quality, does this 407 fly like the real 407? Is this addon programmed outside of fsx limitations?

Mark Hrycenko said...

I fully agree regarding the flight dynamics, that is what makes or breaks a helicopter in flight simulator. Of course, we will not know this detail until release so up until then I am eternally hopeful.

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