Friday, February 22, 2013

Aerosoft Announces Schleicher ASK 21!

FSX/P3D. What is the Schleicher ASK 21 you ask? Well, it's a two seat mid wing sailplane and Aerosoft is on it! The developer has released some initial development shots. According to Mathijs over at Aerosoft, "it will be high end". Check out the early development shots of both the exterior and virtual cockpit. Any glider pilots out there on AirDailyX?

For more information, see the preview thread over at the Aerosoft forums - click here


Anonymous said...

Looks very nice!
While I find the choice a little uninteresting (to me) I would like to commend Aerosoft on choosing aircraft NOT ALREADY DONE A HUNDRED TIMES!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of aerosoft entering the glider and ultralight development market, however, their choice in modelling the ask-21 is boring. If they really want to get people interested in gliding, they should develop more modern sailplanes, such as the ASG-29 or an open class ship like the quintus, rather then their current club class moderate to low performance gliders.

Mark Hrycenko said...

Personally, I'm thrilled with this announcement! It's fantastic to see a developer venture into less mainstream territory.

Anonymous said...

I am also a student glider pilot and I fly every sunday the two ASK21 of my club!!!
I wait with impatience the exit of this wonderful trainer! It's a very easy bird to fly and forgive every stupidity a pilot can do .... and you can also make acrobatics.
Wonderful idea Aerosoft!

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