Friday, February 22, 2013

CYUL in P3D!

FS9/P3D. Dom has already published his version of FlyTampa's CYUL. Sadly, I was not able to do my part as I was in the process of upgrading my system. With having spent about a grand on the parts and gone through the rigorgs of getting P3D set up, I can finally continue on with my work. So stay tuned for our first P3D review and yes, as always with me, the FS9 review is coming too!

Here is a full res unedited P3D shot of CYUL from my system. Orbx, you're next!

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Anonymous said...

that's some red ass sky. I hope you have rex?

Anonymous said...

That's great to "C", you lads here with do reviews for all "3" platforms. Has flight simming been going on this long, my how the time has flown by. I my self use all 3 so this will be just great, but for the most part am trying to just run the P3D platform but not everything is as of yet compatible.
Another user proggie from simmarket is, FSX2P3D, it's not exspensive but allows for direct install of fsx programs to P3D platform while also if needed updateing the apllicable, dll.XML and also the scenery.cfg. As this CYUL has it's own, p3d installer section, and I've purchased it I found this to be a very nice scenery.
I found it does uses a few more frames than I'd prefer such as what we get from Dubai, also I wish they would have at least done a bit more with the City especially for the frames we get. But over all it's a very nicely done airport.

DAndre Newman said...

That is rex actually. I think that is african dusk or something like that.

DAndre Newman said...

Be sure to use the lesser textures for this one. Dubai runs better because of the textures used. As soon as the next P3D update comes out, im kicking fsx off my system. Its all FS9 and P3D for me!

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