Friday, January 3, 2014

Mindstar Garmin GNS430/530 Released!

[FS Utilities] Indeed RealityXP is dead. But not in the sense that their product lineup is not useful. Many of us are still using the old gauges and they prove still to a quite useful alternative to many units shipped with our favorite that allow the implementation on the gauges. I am not entirely cetain why RXP exited the market but one thing is certain, it's a huge market gap indeed. Mindstar is one company that has stepped up to the plate offering a G1000 quite a while back and the company has just released their Garmin GNS430 and 530 units. Check them out! Thanks to ADX reader Narutokun for the tip!

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Unknown said...

Any word regarding P3Dv2 compatibility?

Ggi said...

The website details are very sparse - I would not like to buy this on the available information.

Narutokun said...

Check the thread on AVSIM. One of the developers is answering questions there. I do recall seeing something to the effect that it is P3D v2 compatible over there.

Ian G said...

Just a heads up - unless something has changed recently, these units do NOT ship with a AIRAC cycle from their data base supplier. If you elect to buy the the AIRAC your only option is a year long quarterly subscription for $39.95USD. Notice the Mindstar page only says "Compatible with AIRAC data from RealNav Data (". Also, mind you, this is a completely separate database from NavDataPro or Navigraph. The gauges function on the stock MSFS database with out the RealNav AIRAC installed. Buyer be warned!

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