Friday, January 3, 2014

ADX Exclusive: FSDG Thess​aloniki!

FSX/P3D. Ahhh Greece! Since the early days of FS9, Greece and it's various exciting destinations have served as regular platforms for my landing gear thanks to the guys at GAP. But those days are long gone and Greece has truly deserved more than what past freeware has been able to offer. With many thanks to FlyTampa opening the Pandora's box with the release of Athens, Greece suddenly came alive with releases from Aerosoft, Live In FSX, and newer and more improved sceneries from GAP. But it wasn't till 2 development companies in particular arrived with the very best to offer this country and it's various islands. I am referring to 29Palms and FSDG. Thess​aloniki has always been a favorite destination of mine and to see it getting the FSDG treatment is beyond cool! Release is soon, here are some exclusives to hold you over courtesy of Flight Simulation Development Group!

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Unknown said...


George LGAV said...

Home sweet home! A simple 'thank you' is not enough Emil and FSDG.

PAOK ole!!! :D

Sid said...

Ahhh indeed!!! :-) :-) :-)

That's exactly how I see Greece in FS, a word, spot on introduction buddy! Just love every piece of FSDG and 29 Palms' Greece sceneries...Think I have most, if not all, of them. These teams really are the Greece specialists and compliment Flytampa's and Aerosoft's works, which I also love, perfectly. Still need to get one or two of Aerosoft's Greece sceneries. Greece is such a wonderful and popular place to fly and just keeps on getting better and better and better with each new release. Hope this keeps going with some further improved sceneries for more older sceneries like Rhodes, for example.

But right now...Wow! What an exclusive...such teasing shots! Thessaloniki looks just like that in reality. The city looks amazing...and so much history...I note the famous blood-soaked White Tower of Thessaloniki is perfectly modelled and makes me wonder...perhaps the statue of Alexander the Great on the seafront and the Archaeological museum may also be modelled?

I want :-) In fact, I want more than any other scenery right now and I'll buy it day...yes...1. Thank you FSDG...Whenever you're ready...Looks like they're improving with each new release too and I am hoping performance will be decent. Hope that's been kept in mind during development. Looks beautiful!

Thanks a bunch for this ADX Exclusive DAndre! Nice one!

All the let up of great work to kick off 2014...perhaps another great year coming up :-)


xavierp said...

Sid, you never cease to amaze me with your long someone is sending a message to ADX ;-)

Sid said...



Hey Xavier! Good to hear from you. How's things? Hope you're well. Happy New Year my friend!

Yes...and like DAndre, Giorgos and Adi, I guess its not hard to tell I'm a looking forward just a little to FSDG's Thessaloniki City and Airport! I do have a soft spot for Greek sceneries...but I don't think that's just influenced by the have a few friends there and love holidaying there too :-) Admittedly...that must have some part to play too. But I do enjoy flying there in the sim. Better stop now before you get me started on another long one ;-) Hahaha!

Take care Xavier. Until next time.

Sid said...

P.S. @ Xavier.

With regards to any 'message'...that's already been discussed with DAndre and have affirmed I'd love to if and when I'm able to reliably and if required in future but at this point in time...there's simply way too much going on in real life and career and available time is very irregular and unpredictable so leave it to commentary when time allows for the moment...if that's what your getting at buddy ;-) The guys are doing a brilliant job...and did so right through the hols :-)

Rustam said...

Off-topic: What happened to RSS/Atom feeds? I cannot receive any more updates on my reader since Dec 24. Thanks!

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