Sunday, December 15, 2013

Video - Twotter STOL Practice At 98TE Hilltop OR!
P3Dv2. It's been a while since I've flown around Oregon, and with Misha's 5S Vernonia Municipal airport being close to release over at Orbx, I decided to spend some time back at his superb rendition of 98TE Hilltop Airport. The 1040 ft. long strip is just 4 miles west of Glide in Douglas County, Oregon, and, as the name already suggests, is conveniently located on top of a hill. Of course the "conveniently" really depends on what type of aircraft you intend to operate out of there, as the margin for error is absolutely minimal. 

Most of my flights in and out of 98TE Hilltop have been in the Duke Turbine, as its unparalleled performance makes it hard to beat. I thought that the Tundra wheel version of Aerosoft's excellent Twin Otter Extended would be a great challenge, and I sure wasn't disappointed, especially since the Twotter's much larger 20 m wingspan can get awfully close to the trees along the side of the runway.

If you already own the Twotter and North American Airstrips Volume 1, I can highly recommend some STOL practice at 98TE Hilltop. If you'd like more information on the aircraft or the scenery, just follow the links below.

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Someone said...

Great video.

Whats your computer specification, please ?

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Thanks, specs. are as follows:

Intel i7-3930K CPU
Nvidia GTX Titan GPU
OCZ RevoDrive 3 PCIe 480GB SSD
Asus P9X79 Pro Mainboard
Seagate ST2000DL003 Hard Disk 2TB

someone said...

dang. a super computer..

Unknown said...

The landing was kinda teeth removing but the quality is superb! Congratz!

Unknown said...

That Titan :) you have a very nice computer sir

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