Monday, December 16, 2013

Introducing: Motion For Simulators!

[FS Hardware] Let's face it, owning a fully automated motion simulator is expensive. No doubt about it hands down. Besides this, motion simulators are typically large and are not conducive to the average house, condo or apartment. But what if you could get a fully operational high quality motion simulator without breaking the bank and at the size of the desk space you are sitting at right now? From large home cockpit builders to the little guy wanting more than a static desk, this new Belgian company offers options that are fully customization for your space and needs. Introducing Motion For Simulators!

Here are a couple of videos from FS Weekend 2013!

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Richárd Dobos said...

WOW! I imagined that sim with Oculus Rift, and I got my memories back of the Simpsons Ride at Universal Studio. Amazing! I don't know how much it costs, but I'll have to get one in the not too distant future.

DAndre Newman said...

Actually, I hate Universal for that Simpsons ride which replaced the Back The Future Ride which was a million times better...

Richárd Dobos said...

It's hard to judge for me, since I was only once there :) It's a bit far from me. :) But you must be right!

Richárd Dobos said...

Actually those simulator rides at Universal (Simpsons, Transformers, Spiderman) made me think about future home entertainment totally differently. Oculus Rift will be a total game changer I think. I can't imagine what we will call home entertainment in 2023... OOPS, home education. :)

Amanda Chiu said...

Depend when you say "without breaking the bank". To some anything over £1000 consider breaking the bank. As far as I know a polish company specialise in motion base cost as much as £5000.

DAndre Newman said...

Well you are correct Amanda. Most home cockpit builders will easily invest $10,000 in a home setup whereas most quality motion sim platforms start at around the $50,000 mark. So for those folks this is surely within reason I think...

Sid said...

Just wondering...that $50,000 figure refers to motionforsimulators pricing or most competing products D? Would be nice to have such a setup someday :-) By the way, great idea presenting more Hardware ideas :-) I was going to suggest it might be great to have a significant hardware section on the site. Keep it coming!

xavierp said...

Thank you so much for introducing us D'Andre,
What an honor.
As I am guessing everybody here is curious about pricing which I totally understand. I can tell you that our prices start at 10K. Our special cockpit builder edition is priced 21.000 €.
Considering some cockpit builders spend 7.000 € on an overhead unit, we believe the price is right.
Of course, you may find cheaper (I read about Poland, China,...). The answer to that is easy, not all motion platform manufacturers use the same technology/hardware and I can only say that when comparing apple with apple, we are very very very competitive. I simply know that because i know what it cost us to assemble one unit and for 5000 UK, I cannot even buy the material that i use on my cheapest unit.
We only use the finest German servo motors and it ain't made in China stuff. Also, everything is fully assembled in Belgium.
When you purchase a motion platform at motion for simulators, you will keep your product for years. Our products are maintenance free, no easy breaking accessories...(brakes,...)
We can build a motion platform for less than 5000 €...but we will never do so as this would only mean offering our customers lower quality products and like they say.... "you have to be wealthy to buy cheap..."
Our goal is to make the finest motion platforms available to a larger amount of people...
We certainly succeeded in doing this as we made lots of customers happy within the last 13 years we have been around. So yes, we are not really new.

Sid said...

Hello again Xavier,
Just curious, was wondering... what does the 21,000 Euro 'Special cockpit builder edition' include more specifically in specs and size?

xavierp said...

Hello Sid,

2 persons
Payload 500 Kg.
approx size L=155 B=155 H=80 - Keep in mind that you can put a base on top of our motion system to fit your needs.


More info here

Sid said...

Thank you again for the info! That's promising news about putting a base on to expand the footprint :-) Obviously such an expensive investment project would require a great deal of planning and preliminary discussion to clarify everything involved. Thanks for this information. Hope to be able to be in touch some day :-)

DAndre Newman said...

$10,000 is very doable for a motion platform btw. I could just mount my whole desk on that thing and fly!

@Xaiver, any time my friend!

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