Monday, December 2, 2013

UK2000 Heathrow: Not for 2013. Sigh.

FS9/FSX/P3D. Origionally slated for October than pushed for December, it now appears the upcoming UK2000 variant of Heathrow is now slated for the end of January or let's just say early Q1 2014. Indeed there were some reference issues delaying the project as Heathrow is in a constant state of change at this moment. The question left now is: will SimWings deliver theirs before Christmas? Hmmm... Progress report inside.

UK2000 Heathrow Progress report:

"I've nearly finished the new T2 area, I must admit for a new terminal design there seams to be lot of changes going on. The main building is a piece of art, yes it's a got rectangular side bit stuck on, but fundamentally it looks similar to the original architect plan, but the rest of it show signs of 'make it up as you go along' The various walkways and gate gantries are just as messy as the old Heathrow T2, different shapes, different spacing and certainly not as streamline as the T5 design.

It has taken far longer to model than I thought, due to these various different structures, but I'm over the worst and is 95% accurarte to the real thing. It's just a case of minor detailing and testing. Normally I dont release scenery until the real world building is open, but I see no point in closing this off. Passenger may not be using the new area until June 2014, but aircraft certainly our.

Release should be end of January."

Gary Summons
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Brad said...

On the Aerosoft side, is it just me or has it gone really slowed down?? Its been ages since an airport scenery was released by them..i mean theres Dublin, Heathrow, Prague, Oslo, Berlin, Lisbon & dont get me started on Rome, not forgetting La Palma...but non have even touched completion...some have been in development for ages!! Rome is bewildering in terms of its length to be done for FSX, La Palma is taking way longer than it should be..lets get that out of the way and onto Tenerife South! and Dublin is moving at a snails pace...I guess its all down to a number of multiple projects going on all at once but i must say some have been in the works for ages!

DAndre Newman said...

All those products are created by external developers. Aerosoft has no control over that. However, I am really curious what happened to the German Airports Team. They were releasing so many airports now nothing new since Dusseldorf...

Airspeed said...

What is obvious is that Heathrow, Oslo, Dublin and Berlin have good sceneries now and more on the way. So you have to wait, big deal, you are still getting them. How about places like CYYC, CYEG, CYWG, KMSO or KMSP to name a few. When do those areas start getting some love? IMHO, the developers get the simmers interest with little pieces of the scenery at a time to spark everyone's interest. Making us wait, gets us wanting it more. Anyway sorry for going off topic, the scenery looks great.

Live Wire said...

Maybe waiting for P3D v2 to be released/understood?

Dario said...

I think a lot of developers are working on P3D v2... and this is good news...

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