Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Digital Aviation (Aerosoft) CRJ Preview Shots!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Mathijs from Aerosoft has just posted some more preview images of work completed last week. The shots are obviously work in progress and he makes mention of the fact that this product will have a high level of detail that will be matched by aircraft systems. Aerosoft's CRJ is being built as a much more hardcore product than their Airbus Extended, the development team having added a lot of additional software, interactive checklists etc., features that are linked to the aircraft and its systems, though at present we don't have anymore details about how these will look in the product itself.

This sure is looking very promising, and with the CRJ covering many routes worldwide, is very likely going to appeal to a wide audience.

While I realise that the shape of the CRJ and Q400 fuselages is different, the CRJ being circular and the Q400 more ovoid, it would be great if the final product has the same level of detail as the superb Majestic Dash 8 Q400, as can be seen here:

Thanks to Jens for the tip!
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Sid said...

Oh wow! I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this aircraft! Wish Aerosoft all the very best with fulfilling such fantastic plans with such a quality piece of work that is envisaged in your comments Jerome! This'll also be just perfect for those of us planning to transition to the Prepar3D series of platforms at some point or other. Just imagine...Sheer bliss :-)

Unknown said...

Hopefully the nav and strobe lights reflect on the ground

Pe11e said...

Yes, that is a nice touch, but that feature is sooo not important. :D

Anonymous said...

When it was stated that they were upgrading the model, I did not realize that it meant a whole new model.

Flyer said...

I hope that they will also add a decent cockpit lighting. I don't like that lights on/off of the Airbus Extended. It is too simple. No seperate instrument backround lighting. Asking in the forums the reply was. No better lighting. But thank God we get 2K textures. As if "hardcore simmers" mentioned in the article sit around hours worshipping 2K textures.

Can't wait for someone else to create a CRJ said...

This is the biggest joke in FS history. I bet next year at this time this thing still is not out.Bad bad business to let a designer hold a company back from making money but this individual has a history of not completing projects.

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