Friday, December 6, 2013

LH Simulations' LHBP Prepar3D v2 Installer Imminent!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Our friends at LH Simulations in Hungary have just informed us that the Prepar3D v2 installer of their superb Budapest (LHBP) airport scenery is complete and undergoing final testing at the moment. With a bit of luck it should be in your hands very shortly.

If you don't already own this truly amazing airport scenery add-on, now is the chance to grab your copy with LH Simulations offering a 25% discount until the end of this week, the offer expires on 8 December 2013. 

Bandwidth Warning! 25 high-res Prepar3D v2 screenshots!

The changes in this upcoming Version 1.2 of the Budapest (LHBP) airport scenery are listed as:

- Prepare3D v1.4 support
- Prepare3D v2.0 support
- Improved scenery configurator program (version 1.4)
- At uninstall the scenery will be excluded from scenery.cfg
- Activation problems in case of Windows Vista now solved
- Improved DLL for higher stability
- AFCAD file update
- Added two firetrucks front of the fire station (Thanks D'André)
- Few more trees around the fire station
- Season changing harmonized with FS default
- PAPI lights have been adjusted
- Road traffic added at T2 parking, M4 and M0 highway bridges
- Few more static cars in TESCO parking

All current owners of LHBP (FS9 and FSX) will be able to download the Prepar3D versions for free, so there is no additional cost to get this stunning airport package installed in Prepar3D v2.

If you're still not convinced, here are our very own Prepar3D v2 screenshots, this is without a doubt the currently best European airport available for Prepar3D v2! And as you can see in the screenshots below, it blends in perfectly with Orbx's FTX Global base pack, the distant city lights really look spectacular.

More details about LH Simulations and the special 25% discount offer can be found by following the link below:

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Dario said...

Simply one of the best FS add-on ever created! Really happy with my purchase! And thanks for the Prepar3D V2 update! Great team!

Sean McFadden said...

I agree, this is right up there with the best of the best, the taxiway and runway lighting, the meticulous detail everywhere the designers crafted into this, it doesn't get any better than this!

Thanks LH Simulations.

Unknown said...

Ok... this plus the 25% discount just sold me this scenery...
LHSim has another customer :-)

Unknown said...

You won't regret! It's a masterpiece.

DAndre Newman said...

Don't forget to see our review of LHSim Budapest in P3D 1.4

I will update the story and include P3D V2 shots!

Unknown said...

wow looks amazing

Sid said...

Totally agree! Thanks to this great team!

Unknown said...

i have the scenery and dont see the why everyone thinks it is the best flightbeam kiad blows it out of the water

Sid said...

Hey Weston,

I don't see anyone here as having described anything as "the best" need to take a minute longer and to look a little closer to be able to see the carefully chosen words people have used in their respective opinions. Then you will see that it is very difficult and too simplistic to state any one scenery as "the best" outright in every way. I also have both sceneries you comment upon and Flightbeam KIAD is indeed, in my opinion, also in the same category as described above. They are not mutually exclusive though and no-one else's comments above, but yours, suggest that they are. A lot of people seem to have difficulty reading correctly and idea why, perhaps not concentrating on what exactly is written. Anyway...

Unknown said...

Nobody said it's the best. It's one of the best sceneries available on the market. I have both, I can surely say they are the same quality. KIAD blowing this out? I think we would all be happy, if every scenery looked like LHBP. Or KIAD.

Sid said...

Absolutely Richard! I certainly would be very happy indeed! As you point out above, these types of sceneries of this calibre are masterpieces, true pieces of art. LHBP is something special...the spectacular attention to detail...the innovation of new tech...the night lighting...etc...etc...

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