Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Metal2Mesh is all over P3D 2.0!

P3D. Developers are still coming forward in support of P3D 2.0. The latest is from Metal2Mesh! So the question remains: are YOU onboard? Hopefully, I will be able to keep both versions of P3D installed on my system. The last thing I need is to go through a complete uninstall. As we all know how painful that process can be, I would be left without the ability to get things done during the new install so fingers crossed... Hopefully the new SSD will keep things separate. And yes, I highly recommend you run P3D on a SSD.!/media/set/?set=a.580097822062424.1073741839.143676605704550&type=3
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ALX WNT said...

inb4, without PMDG it's pointless messages

Anonymous said...

Pointless for you but not everyone wants to fly tubes and engines

Unknown said...

the pmdg rant is getting tiring, please stop..

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