Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Aerosoft / Digital Aviation CRJ. Not this year.

FSX/P3D. I think we all were hopeful that the digital aviation CRJ would finally make it's debut this year after nearly 4 years of waiting. Sadly, Santa will not deliver on this one. But this is not bad news. According to Mathajs Kok, it was not actually slated for release this year anyway and development is on track for P3D 2.0. When can we expect release? It looks like a late Jan early Feb deal. See Mathijs' full statement on the CRJ's progress. Thanks to Lars Nielsen for the tipoff!

Note from Mathijs:

"Quick update... Because the 3d model is a tad outdated we have decided to work on that a bit more, 2k Textures, less drawcalls and more details, very much like the Twin Otter is done. This work will stretch up to end of January. And NO, it will not delay the release because work on the systems is scheduled to be completed around that time as well. All in all a solid increase in the quality (and a reminder this project is now on the front burner).

This also means it is optimized for P3D V2 btw."
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Ian G said...

That's a bummer for sure. To be clear, however, out earlier report about it maybe being out for Christmas couldn't have stressed enough that it was a huge MAYBE! Mathijs had just said it was possible. At any rate, this is one that I am looking forward to but understand that task at hand for the developer left working on it.

CngDelta757 said...

Well probably the most delayed project in FS History, thankfully P3D V2 support is added so thats something worth looking forward to!

Unknown said...

Great news! Really looking forward to this bird, and from what I understand is going to be fairly system intensive. Good news for the P3D v2.0 release.

Luke said...

By the time this is released there will be better freeware....I have totally whole hartedly given up on this 1 - i dont even bother to check for updates anymore as its a total wasste of time. I do wonder how this will turn out tho, as it's what? nerly 5 years in development....that makes it 5 years behind the times. In other words, released in 2015, with 2002 graphics ( remember cocpit textures are complete.)

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