Saturday, November 2, 2013

Manila? Whoa! PacSim doing big things!!

FSX/P3D. Here we go again. When I say: "Keep your eyes on this developer..." you really should follow my advice. I said it about Taxi2Gate and LHSimulations over a year ago and I am saying it again for Pacific Islands Simulations. If you discovered Rarotonga then you already know what I am talking about! This time, the team is taking on Metro Manila and it's mega airport which is no easy feat. But based to the first shots, i'd say we are in for a real super treat! The quality is stellar so far. Cough, cough, keep your eyes on this developer. Cough... A big shout out to Maurice Kroll for the tipoff!
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Unknown said...

What is happening with your news?

Inaccurate titles and not one post on Nov 1 and you missed all of this:

Tropicalsim Curacao International Airport released:

Frank Sorensen released brand-new landclass and vector data for Denmark:

Sid said...

Whoa! Indeed DAndre! Wow! You can say that again...Totally with you there and see where you're coming from! Another developer seems to be joining the big leagues...and Pacsim really do pick such amazing and refreshing locations. Asia seems to be about to start to go higher quality! Now that's something. This is a no-brainer for me...Now that's what I'm talking about :-)

I get the same feeling I got when I first saw here on ADX what Taxi2Gate were upto with Mexico City. Now Pacsim goes and does this with Manilla (City and Airport)...I simply love it. Really, really love it! Looking at these WIP shots...I already know its a Day 1 purchase (fingers slightly crossed it'll perform okay but I have you say this is definitely a developer on the move in a big way). Thanks so much for making my day with the announcement of another great scenery to populate the sparser (in terms of available quality sceneries) areas of the world such as Asia! Only 2 teaser shots so far and already it makes me remark with a "Wow!". The very best of luck to PacSim in developing another long-needed Asian city and mega airport! Can't wait though hope they take all the time they need in making this a gem. Its pinned as a definite buy whenever its released
Thanks for the great news mate,

DAndre Newman said...

First off it's my birthday weekend so I think I am entitled to some sort of break giving all I do on this site. Second, when I put out a request for volunteers, why did you not? Third, I am also in the process of developing a new website. This is not news if you actually read my previous posts. You depend on ADX, maybe you could find a more polite way to get your point across to me.

Thanks for the links.

Sid said...

Looking forward to Triple 7, NGX, AXE and Dash 8 flights out of Ninoy Aquino International Airport some day, with that skyline out of the window.

Sid said...

Happy Birthday DAndre! Have a really good weekend buddy! I'd raise a glass to you if I wasn't working! Now please go have fun mate ;-)...its so deserved and don't you worry about ADX. We all know what good things are coming...and its all good here!

Unknown said...

Charles, you have got some nerve, sir.
If you do not like ADX, you are more than welcome to leave.

D`andre - Happy birthday sir ! best wishes and have a great weekend.

richard pogi said...


Lee Marrow said...

Thought this project was on hold for private reasons

Airspeed said...

Happy Birthday D'Andre.

Green1X said...


Swede said...

Happy Birthday D'Andre :)

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks guys! it was a good one as you will see in the vid above.


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