Sunday, November 3, 2013

UPDATE: Orbx YBTH Bathurst Airport Is here!

Iain has his last shots in over at the FTX forums, so we can expect this new Australian area to be available forthwith. Which will most definitely tickle my fancy. Tim Harris has done me and motorsports fans a huge solid by modeling the famous Mount Panorama race circuit as well as the Bathurst airport and surroundings. I wonder how fast I can lap the track in an Extra 300? I smell a challenge!
Update: Released!


Preview screenshots:

Available NOW!:


Unknown said...

hi dandre
pmdg updated their 777-300 page

Candice van den Heusen said...

I just bought this today and I am very happy. The airport detail is superb and the framerates are very good.

I did get the impression that the grass blades look extraordinarily thick and unrealistic in their size, has anyone else noticed this too?

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