Sunday, November 10, 2013

Contrails Simulations Queen Alia Int'l - Like!

FS9/FSX. No, seriously, go like this photo on Facebook.  Contrails is drumming up interest in their Queen Alia project and when enough people have liked the photo they are promising to reveal the in-sim finished terminal.  The project is set for an initial FS9 release with a conversion to follow to make it fully FSX native afterward.

Updated: As promised, new previews released, see inside!

Ok, I confess I don't like the whole Facebook 'we will do this... after X amount of likes' and it is not just Contrails Simulations doing it.  However, it does show your support, payware or not, so if you like getting new toys to add to your Flight Simulator experience, it never hurts to show your interest when the devs ask. 

 Visit Contrails Simulations on Facebook HERE.

Update: It didn't take long and they made good on their promise:


Rockinthat73 said...

A good destination for those quick 777 hops from Dubai! BIG like!

ArtAir said...

Superb! B-i-i-i-G like!!!

Emirates said...


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