Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Aerosoft AES 2.33 now available!

FS9/FSX. Oh yes! We just love AES and each release is like entering a candy store. This time Olivier has released a slew of new airports for you to enjoy. Some that were badly needed too! Have a look at what's included!

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Green1X said...

FSDT GSX is still better and cheaper! lol

Lee said...

I don't know that GSX is better, because it doesn't do gates at a lot of airports like AES does. I use both and divvy them up according to certain airports!


Jokin' said...

GSX has that dreaded add-on manager and no jetway for many add-on airports.

Unknown said...

Depends on what criteria you use. AES is much more customized then GSX. With AES, jetways/stairs connect automatically and (more important) flawlessly. With AES, you'll never be pushed into other objects during pushback. With AES push/pull procedures are much more like their real world counterparts and the voices are a lot better with AES.
On the other hand, AES is undeniable expensive (I have paid well over 200 euro's for creditpacks by now), it only works for airports that have been prepped by Oliver Pabst and generally it takes quite a long time before the airports are included in AES.
I have both AES and GSX and now use AES for airports which I visit on a regular basis, while GSX is used for airports either used once in a while or the airports not included in AES (yet). I have however stopped buying creditpacks. Due to a reinstall of my computer, I could reassign credits to airports and I now only activate an airport when I'm convinced I will use it often.

Unknown said...

Hmm... the debate is that gsx supposedly looks better than aes, but lately I heard aes has improved it's models so essentially it's superior.

High Plains Flyer said...

GSX has animations of the baggage train going and coming to the aircraft and the cargo being loaded onto the plane. AES does not have this.

AES has the jetways connecting with the aircraft doors. Many airports do not have animations for this. GSX does not do anything with the jetways.

Yous pays your money and yous takes your choice.

I tend to use both at the same time. I like the boarding and deboarding sequences of GSX but the moving jetways of AES.

Green1X said...

If FSDT decides to add moving jetways for GSX then it's a win win.

Sid said...

True to a large extent!

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