Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ADX Exclusive: T2G Orlando P2!

FSX/P3D. And we're back yet again with another look at the amazing Orlando project by Taxi2Gate. Each set of shots I see just keeps getting better and better. What a huge improvement for this team over the years and these shots sing praises in quality. As for performance, i'm quite confident if these guys can get the entire city of Mexico City running at 50FPS on my slug, I am sure we will have no worries here. But enough of my yammering. Thanks to the T2G team! On to the shots! Enjoy!

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Unknown said...

Wow, looking sharp! T2G has really transformed their brand's level of quality.

Unknown said...

Hi D'André, it's "we're back yet again" and not "were back yet again".

Great screenshots and any news on the estimated release date?

DAndre Newman said...

Thank you. So sorry im rushing my posts. So much going on right now. Thanks for the heads up.

DAndre Newman said...

Ill see what I can dig out. Might be Jan... Dont quote me though...

Dario said...

What about this and MMMX for FS9?

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