Sunday, November 17, 2013

ADX Exclusive: Wilco TBM850 in action!

FSX/P3D. Earlier we brought the first round of exclusive shots of Wilco's TBM 850 in development. Now here is the very first set of videos of the aircraft in development recorded for ADX readers. Thanks to Jerome for this latest update. So what do you all think of it so far?? I'll admit, I am very hopeful! From what I am told thus far from the testing process, the G1000 and VNAV are fully functional. Hmmmmm!!

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Todd said...

Will the G1000 have Navdata Pro and/or Navigraph support to keep the AIRAC current like the Flight 1 Mustang and C182?

Unknown said...

Mmmm it should have been released in October. Not sure what's the purpose of these video's except showing some externals. Why not make a video of the start up from the cockpit?
And communicate with potential buyers when stuff is delayed.
Looks great though. That nose high attitude, must have been near stall speed?

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi Todd,

No, the G1000 here uses the data available within FSX/Prepar3D and doesn't rely on any external Navigraph type database support.

Best regards,


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