Thursday, October 3, 2013

WSSimulation SportCruiser released!

FSX. WSSimulation has just released another aircraft to their portfolio. This time around, it's the CSA SportCruiser! As a reminder, Alabeo is currently developing a similar aircraft: the Piper Sport. All good around lite sport aircraft! Now available from Simmarket!

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Hugo Sala said...

Piper Sport and SportCruiser are the same aircraft. I flew on one of them, F-PATT

DAndre Newman said...

But made by the same manufacture? I thought 1 was made by Piper and the other by a Czech company...

Rob en Kohinoor de Vries said...

Piper did it licenced from CSA

Rob en Kohinoor de Vries said...

Mmm..the model lacks the ballistic parachute system..

Hugo Sala said...

Hmm yes you may be right, i don't know if they are from different manufacture

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