Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Twotter 100 incoming!

FSX/P3D. With all the DHC-300 variants finally complete. Mathijs is now showing off the 100 variant which already appears to be in an advanced stage of development. The Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended is one of my top addons of 2013 and it is the product that just keeps giving. Not only did the team do a splendid job delivering all the models over the past few months, I almost prefer it this way now. You pay for 1 addon and get several more addons for it. The first release was well worth the price. All these others in the tube makes me feel as if the waiter keeps returning to the table with more food and i'm like: "Do I have to pay for all this?" "No. it's on the house."  If the 300 was the main course, the 100 is definitely the beer!

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Unknown said...

Looks great, what's the difference between 300 and 100?

Unknown said...

The 100 has a shorter nose and weaker engines.


Sid said...

Wonderful! Thank you Aerosoft!

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