Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FTX Global Iceland Demo: more!

FSX/P3D. Note from D'Andre Newman to Rob Newman: Nice shots! Rob is showing off more screens from the upcoming FTX Global Iceland Demo from Orbx powered by Pilots. Rob is reminding viewers that the Demo shows what you can get with all the upcoming FTX Global family of packages. FTX Global, Open LC, Vector. He also recommends users include the separate FS Global Mesh Demo that is recommended for best results. However, any mesh product will work. Just remember that mesh is something that you will need to get if you want the best results out of the upcoming Gobal, Vector and Open LC releases. The world of FS just keeps getting better and better!

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Unknown said...

now THAT looks really REALLY good.
I wonder how much will the US package cost, with the mesh and textures and the vector thing.

Sid said...

If the whole world ends up looking this good, we'll have a whole new sim to enjoy and not bore of for years to come scenery-wise. It'll finally start to be a real pleasure enroute too wherever we fly, thanks to Orbx's vision for opening up a whole new and more realisitic base planet, much more resembling what's actually out there! :-) Really hope the world-wide Vector and each Landclass product region will be to this same high standard in accordance with maximum available data so I can buy them all! This family of FTX Global products represent a great game-changing vision and project by Orbx for our whole worldwide community! Best of luck to this great team!

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