Friday, October 18, 2013

Sim720 Catalina preview!

FSX/P3D. Wednesday was Caernarfon, today it's Catalina! Sim720 is in the process of developing several projects and I am always glad to see something new on my neck of the woods. Catalina island features a very exciting and scenic elevated approach with the typical classic California mission style architecture. Have a look at the latest preview video! Fun!
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Unknown said...

Really very beautifull... I wish I could create such beautifull addons ;-)

Unknown said...

You say Caernarfon is ready yesterday, go to Sim720's web site, it's not even ready today???

Unknown said...

great news.

I'll check out the complete product

DAndre Newman said...

Where did you read that?

Paul Webster said...

Hi Caernarfon is available, you may need to refresh the page as a few people have reported it not updating automatically which we are looking into.
Here is a direct link just incase

Paul - SIM720

clix said...

There has been some new preview shots posted in the forum for KAVX:

The mesh looks pretty damn spiffy.

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