Friday, October 18, 2013

Introducing TCAS Virtual Group!

[FS News] TCAS Virtual Group is a new membership setup that rewards pilots for the flights they complete. Given the fact that virtual pilots don't actually earn a salary, with TCAS, each flight you complete, points are earned toward the purchase of FS products on Simmarket regardless of  virtual airline you fly with. Keep in mind, TCAS group is not a VA, it's a membership where you can to fly any airline or schedule you want. Hey, you get points on groceries and gas, why not flying? Check them out, join now, and enjoy the rewards!
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alehead said...

So I need to buy FS Flightkeeper to be able to do this?


SeaGoblin said...

i wish they would supply a bit more information on how that actually works..without having to sign up

mleuck said...

Another investment a software with little return!

nobody said...

website doesn't work, and that ad was poorly written

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