Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ready to hit the slopes?

FSX/P3D. One of the best releases this year was the Aerosoft Twotter Extended. And it's the gift that just keeps giving! 2 more variants are still in the works which include the ski and amphibian variants. I am most excited about the ski! Anyone up for some challenging snow/ice approaches? Hmmm... now I am thinking Aerosoft Antarctica as my playground...

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Nick said...

It's really encouraging to see Aerosoft still keep releasing new models for this package and not charging existing customers any extra for them. Also good to see they are still supporting and developing new patches for the Airbux X Extended. In this day and age when it seems everyone wants to squeeze every penny they can out of the enthusiastic FS user Aerosoft continue to be a class act. Other developers/publishers take note!

Sid said...

I am just loving this Aerosoft Twin Otter in the same way that you were when you first got hold of it DAndre! No kidding, It truly is just such a pleasure to fly that I can't easily put it down...there's just so many places you can use this where nothing else will do.

Like you say...Ski version...Aerosoft Antarctica without doubt. And if I may add, perhaps Aerosoft Iceland X too, or the upcoming FTX Iceland demo, presuming it'll come with Glaciers or Southern Alaska or the its getting difficult to chose where first, though a British Antarctic Survey flight sounds like a pretty safe bet :-)

It just keeps getting better and better with this one though. Thank you Aerosoft for such outstanding quality aircraft products such as the Twin Otter and the A321. Looking forward to seeing what's next, jetliners and all (would be great to be able to fly the larger/largest Airbus aircraft one day ...hint hint). As Nick says, a class act.

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