Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MSK Shelter Cove... promising.

FSX. MSK is one independent developer that I have been following for quite some time here on ADX and with each release comes tremendous improvement in development techniques. This time around, the developer is taking a step away from his usual Pakistani airport projects and is putting focus on my side of the woods... We'll not exactly. Shelter Cove is in Northern California. But even more good news is, with FTX Northern California in development, this will surely be a fun destination to fly into.

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Unknown said...

I hope that we will start to see some sloped runways in FSX / Prepar3D v2. If there is one thing that is still missing it is sloped runways and this looks like a candidate.

mfahey said...

Hey looks great, but MSK after you have this little fun break in the USA get back to Pakistan! Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are all waiting for your new improved techniques. Your work this year has been outstanding, you certainly win the 2013 most improved designer award! Great work!

Sid said...


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