Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Metroliner progressing...

FSX/P3D. I am really excited to get my hands on this one. Besides, this will be my first product from Razbam. So not only am I looking forward to putting the Metroliner through it's paces, I am also looking forward to seeing a Razbam product up close. How good is their quality? Flight dynamics? I'll be all over it the moment it's out for the ADX FirstLook. But for now, here is another update.

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Unknown said...

this does look very promising, but am I the only one that finds the outside paint looks very matte and seems to lack reflective properties as seen here:


Maybe it is just bad FSX settings on the system where the screenshots are being taken, but the liveries look really dull, especially when compared to something like this:


Airspeed said...

Well, one thing for sure. It appears to be raw pictures and really shows what the product is more likely to look like on my machine. I for one am getting tired of preview shots that almost never look like the product on the preview page.

Sid said...

Matthias, you're not alone in that observation...I totally see the same, but I agree with what you say in principle too Airspeed. Its a weird one to judge really, the interiors look really great so I think its a question of waiting for DAndre to jump in an 'put it through his paces'.

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