Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm sure you remember Devinci Design... right?

FSX. Known for their little known rendition of Lindbergh Field a couple years back, Devinci Design has taken to developing KSEA. I have not seen any updates on that project for nearly a year, but the team has been sparsely releasing previews of their Cagliari Elmas X project. What's most interesting however, is the team also seems to have been underway on the development of a B717 since 2011. They have released an update on this project today. Speaking of which, what's going on with TFDi design? Now that's a team that has been very quiet these days.

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Unknown said...

Too small developer, too many projects.... Might be proven wrong, but I'm very sceptical they'll ever get released.
As fas as KSEA goes; if even large experienced and well reputed developers like FlyTampa and FSDT don't see possibilities to create a good looking and good performing addon for that airport, I don't believe Devinci could pull it off... Just my 2c...

Mason Dominique said...

Totally agree. I don't like to be toyed.
Not Professional, no reliability.
Dom Mason

Devinci said...

I have said countless time already that I was not entitled to finish a project which I started as a learning process. I said countless time that the B717 was never intended to be a payware nor did I intend to toy with you or anybody. On another hand, I recognized that I wasn't able to continue with the KSEA project which I clearly explained here in airdailyx, a long time ago. Since then I have worked with a company, making the external model for an aircraft and started a new project for Cagliari Airport, which is already finished and will release very soon. You have to know that FSX design as much as I like it is not a priority for me. When other more urgent matters come in life, such as school, family or work, I do not intend to spend several hours a week on FSX design. It does not feed me and probably will never. Now I would appreciate it that before you go on writing articles about matters that I explained clearly here, and mix it whatever way you want, you should do more research. I have seen all kind of haters but I continued it because I like it. I like your site a lot as it is now the only FS one I visit. I come here at least three times a day. But I would suggest for you to sometime confirm things with developers before you write your articles. Professionalism is needed everywhere all the time.
Sagga Toure

alehead said...

Well said Sagga...

There is a bad consensus in our little world when it comes to projects started and not completed. many seem to think they are almost entitled to updates and release of a perfect product in lightning quick time and any deviation from the expected path is immediately jumped upon. Although I am no developer myself, I am sure I appreciate the difficulties associated with time management and return on investment enough to remain courteous.
Having been to Cagliari twice now, I look forward to seeing the airport released for FSX and wish you all the best for the final stages and its RTM.
As regards other projects, sometimes it is best not to say anything about what you are developing, but sometimes it is unavoidable, particularly if you go onto FSDeveloper to look for advice or help with something and the News Guys (not only ADX) pick up on the thread...

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