Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I before E except after C.

FSX/P3D. In the case for Razbam, the phrase represents: Embraer 120 before Saab 340 except after Metroliner. The company well known for it's flight sim representations of military aircraft have taken a strong leap into commercial commuter turboprop aircraft and the future of this business decision may hold in the balance the success or failure of the Metroliner. I have not personally received any feedback from the current end-user beta testers, but I am strongly optimistic of Razbam's ability to deliver a quality aircraft. As for the latest word regarding the Metro: "Gentlemen, we just hit another bump in the road, sound wise, but we are looking for a suitable solution, be certain that we´ll deliver..." The PC-12 is also on the 2014 road map including the T-6 Texan II for DCS.


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