Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ADX FirstLook: LFLL Lyon Saint Exupery!

P3D. Finally, another lovely destination in France. This country has many great airports within it's borders but sadly, so few developers have stepped to the task of getting them into FS. This time however, an all new team known as JennaSoft has stepped to the plate to deliver Lyon Saint Exupery to us and they have done a decent job indeed! So grab your baguettes, it's time to explore JennaSoft's Lyon in this latest edition of ADX FirstLook!
V1.1 Update released!

My first impressions are with all the photoreal imaging applied to the rendered objects. The team was definitely on the ground with cameras and in many places it shows. Good ground sat image too!

Windows are matte black.

But in the above shot, we see the proper texture.
Nice fence work!

Good quality photo textures.

Here is the ground work. Notice as we zoom out.

Night textures not bad at all.

Overall, the team did an amazing job putting this airport together and given the fact that this is their first attempt, it looks even better. I do need to warn potential P3D users that you may get some elevation plateau issues surrounding the airport. Also the runway numbering needs to be corrected. But besides this, no real complaints. As for the price point, i'll say this: You are not going to get a better version of this airport anywhere else. All the buildings are present and are located in their proper respective locations. The ground work and some photo textures could be better/sharper, but it's not bad. As for performance, I found it to run just fine on my mid-drange system.

The development team did an excellent job on this destination and I am looking forward to seeing what they will bring next. Hopefully my screenshots tell a good story of what to expect. It looks good! And a big step above FranceVFR.

FS9 version in the works.

The 1.1 update covers:
Change Log:

- Addition of the glide slope in 36R and 18L
- Added a textured polygon on each track to deliver tracks asphalt / bitumen and avoid rolling "bumpy".
- Bitumen appearance on 36R/18L, as is the case for several weeks (I will the new access and new car later if sources allow straps, all that stuff did not exist when I started the stage floor there one year ...)
- Addition of the sidebands on the track 36L/18R. In a second time, I interrupt the intersection with taxiway.

Happy Flighting!
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The Shingle said...

Been waiting for this. Nice overview, D'Andre.

Mason Dominique said...

I am just IMPRESSED by Lyon Saint-EX. Waouw. Made my first landing yesterday evening and i was just stunned by the level of détails and the quality of textures.
Don't know who's Jenna Soft, but i am definitely waiting for their next move.
Dom Mason
A simmer

Frederik Hagedorn said...

Didn't this guy called Dom Mason go to a retirement village without Internet?


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