Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mega Airport Brussels update!

FSX/P3D. Here is the latest on the Aerosoft Brussles project!



It's me said...

Not impressed by the developer

Aaron Graham said...

What are you not impressed by?

wideloadwhitford said...

Not ashamed to say it, I'm impressed by Darren, even though he had a rough (Aviasim) past. Maybe this is what he needed to further his ideas.

Danny said...

I've had a bad time with AWG as well - mainly from the pretty awful stuff they delivered on X-Plane scenery that only really seemed to be OSM data anyways. The developer of UrbanMaxx/SkyMaxx also walked away from a business deal with them with not kind words - but they got to keep his glacier textures. The comms about them discontinuing their products was pretty rubbish too, but they still continue to sell those products on Simmarket - their reasoning for discontinuing was that with the soon to be released updates to X-Plane there products would not be nbecessary. The other products from these guys seem to be aircraft repaint packs ... no other scenery.

On their previous track rate I just wouldn't trust them to deliver quality - they haven't had any real talent in the past. If they do indeed have someone new onboard who actually knows what they're doing maybe that will change. I at least have faith in Aerosoft looking at the final product and deciding whether it fits their standards - just like the recent Adelaide airport scenery.

Darren said...

Thanks very much Ryan best regards to you, respect

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