Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Press release from PC Aviator.

[Sales] PC Aviator is now an official, authorized reseller of LatinVFR scenery expansions for FSX, FS2004 and P3D. We are busy adding all the LatinVFR products to our store right now and given that many LatinVFR airport expansions are for airport locations in the USA, it makes perfect sense to have a U.S. based supplier to deliver these quality add-ons to “local” customers.
PC Aviator’s Australian store will also be offering these items to further extend the reach and customer base
for LatinVFR products.
All expansions will be available via Instant Download, and in addition, PC Aviator customers enjoy one of
the fastest, most professional and low cost disk backup options for download products in the industry.
For customers who do not wish to download their purchases, or simply wish to have a hard copy mailed to them,
PC Aviator offers proper label-printed disks using quality disk media for a small additional fee on top of the
product price. This small additional fee (USD$2.95 from USA store or AUD$5.95 from Australian store) includes
shipping cost of the backup disk to your door and is up to 70% less expensive than other flight sim retailer
disk backup services, for better quality!
So come on over and check out our growing range of LatinVFR products now available at PC Aviator!
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