Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PMDG 777 released!!

FSX. The day has finally arrived! It's here! Precision Manuals Development Group has finally released the long awaited 777 and 777F for FSX. This aircraft promises to be the most realistic, most detailed, and by far the most advanced aircraft ever to make it's way into flight simulation! But the best news? Now you can have one! So head over to PMDG and get yours now! You have waited long enough!!
Getting reports the server is overloading from time to time.
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Others will try. But there's only 1 ADX!
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James Long said...

Ouch! Just saw this comment about AirDailyX whilst browsing the PMDG forums. Why do they think this? Is this why we haven't had a 777 first look? Seems overly harsh if you ask me.

DAndre Newman said...

It's amazing to me these guys talk their crap yet it seems obvious they all check the site. So either way, they are clearing relying on it. But hey, at over 15,000 visits a day I could care less of their opinions. Most seem to like ADX just fine.

No ADX FirstLook as I haven't bought it and everyone else including the beta teams did a good job enough showing it off. Nothing I can say here that has not already been said.

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